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Empower Change promotes collaboration among expert faculty and mental health professionals at UTEP, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, William Beaumont Army Medical Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are happy to provide our presentation powerpoints and resources.


April 7, 2018--Behaviorial Health in Primary Care Workshop--Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Oct. 18, 2018--4th Annual Behaviorial Summit--Best Cases...Start with You and Me

Judicial Commission on Mental Health Summit Reports (October 22-23, 2018 in Houston, Texas): http://texasjcmh.gov/publications/posts/2018/october/jcmh-summit-2018/

Engage & Excel 2018 (October 23-25, 2018 in Houston, TX):

Session 1:  Drug Trends in Texas
                       HB 13: Progress Thus Far
                       School Mental Health Centers--Ecological Model of Care: Healing for Success
                       Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan 

Session 2:  Managing Care of Complex Populations with Substance Use Disorders
                       SB 292: Progress Thus Far
                       San Antonio Congregations involved in Faith-Related Mental Health Initiatives

Session 3:  Outpatient Competency Restoration: Practical Views, Consideration, and Perspectives
                       Redesigning the Front End of the Emergency Response System

Session 4:  Treating the Opiate Epidemic
                       Speciality Care Trauma

                       Value-Based Payment Models in Texas Medicaid Managed Care

Mental & Emotional Well-being Dashboard

Empower Change is ensuring the accessibility of a community mental and emotional well-being dashboard. The dashboard provides data to inform mental health initiatives in the region and to monitor the progress of related efforts. The dashboard also includes the action plans for the El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium. You can visit the dashboard HERE.

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation (PDNHF) has several inititatives to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, increase training for mental health providers and explore structural changes in the region’s behavioral health treatment system. 

Initiative or Program:

El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium


Community of Practice

The Mental and Emotional Well-Being (MEWB) Community is composed of academics, practitioners, administrators, students/trainees, policy makers, and other stakeholders invested in reducing the prevalence of mental illness and promoting mental and emotional well-being in the Paso del Norte region. The primary purpose of the community is to cultivate a professional, binational, interdisciplinary, MEWB network that engages in informed and meaningful collaborations. By coordinating face-to-face dialogues and utilizing digital platforms that host data and resource sharing, this community of practice will act as a catalyst to empower the broader community to facilitate change in the health of the region.

We aspire to be a community who nimbly responds to the region’s mental and emotional well-being needs by building and maintaining an infrastructure that adopts a common agenda, utilizes shared measurement, engages in mutually reinforcing activities (e.g., teaching, learning, and funding opportunities), and promotes continuous communication. Learn more HERE.

There are a wide range of public and private behavioral services in the greater El Paso community. Content of this resource list is provided for education and information purposes only. The content was prepared for the El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium and Paso del Norte Region. 

Information about an organization, private practice, or self-help group does not imply endorsement and is not intended to replace advice from your doctor or other licensed health professional. All users are urged to always seek advice from a licensed health care professional for diagnosis and answers to their health questions. 

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