Leon Armstrong

Leon is a senior at UTEP and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. His research interest are alcohol use, mental health issues, and stress. Leon has been a leader in school organizations such as R.I.S.E (Recover Inspire Support Empower) and NAMI On Campus (National Alliance on Mental Illness On Campus). He has lead and educated the community on issues about addiction recovery and mental illness stigma. He is also a member of two psychology labs on campus and they are LAHDR (Latino Alcohol Health Disparity Research Center) and The Dark-Triad and Corporate Crime Laboratory (D3CC). All of his experience has lead him to accomplish many goals for Empower.Change. He has worked on gathering information on local mental health facilities to help improve them. He has also been instrumental on helping the Center unite school organizations and lead them to accomplish events on mental illness and stigma. Leon’s future goal is to go to graduate school and became a researcher to help the community on mental illness and addiction recovery just like his mentors.

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