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Rubi Gonzales

Rubi earned her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at the University of Houston. Upon graduation she worked as a project manager for Dr. Clayton Neighbors in the Social Influences and Health Behaviors Lab at the University of Houston. During her time there she managed a multimillion, multisite grant to reduce alcohol consumption among college students. That is where she established her research niche in reducing health disparities among minorities. She is currently a doctoral student in the psychology program at the UTEP. Her research interests focuses on the health disparities among Latinos and sexual health behaviors and knowledge among college students. Rubi is working with her mentor, Dr. Osvaldo Morera in validating a masculinity measure to best understand male sexual assault perpetrators. She works with Dr. Eden Robles to help bridge the two areas of research and implementation of policy. She is working on a systematic review regarding Latinas prenatal and postnatal care experiences with health care providers. Additionally, she attends meetings with Dr. Eden Robles and community stakeholders to discuss how to improve mental health in the region. After graduation, Rubi hopes to find a position in which she can utilize her research knowledge and skills to implement health policies and serve as a professor.

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